BHSM Stories: Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, North Facility

Memphis, Tennessee

I work at a rehab hospital and annually I create a task that is a fun but educational worksheet for all employees to complete and return to me in the Speech Therapy department. It has been a wordsearch using speech terms and doctors' names and administrators, crosswords, linking definitions to speech terms, fill in the spaces using song titles that has speech terms in them, i.e. "Let me ___ you sweetheart". Recently I order about 30 of your pens to hand out with the worksheets and I see those pens floating around the hospital all year! I also order the tent cards for our 12 or so dining tables which I leave out for the entire month. The staff is allowed to cheat, after all learning is the fun part. When they return the worksheet I give them a treat-this year is was 100-calorie snack pack or Oreo cookie pack, their choice. This year the worksheet was a little difficult so I walked around the therapy and nursing departments and asked questions like "What would a speech therapist do if a patient couldn't communicate-name one thing". It is amazing what they have observed AND I get the opportunity to expand their answer. Education, education, education-love it!

Submitted by: Gerri B. Bauer

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