BHSM Stories: Hawaii Speech-Language and Hearing Association

Honolulu, Hawaii


Hawaii Speech-Language and Hearing AssociationThe Hawaii Speech Language Hearing Association celebrated May is Better Hearing and Speech Month with the following activities:

  • Kick off celebration during March 25th Hawaii Speech Language Hearing Association Convention with Mayor of Honolulu proclaiming May as Better Hearing and Speech Month in Honolulu
  • Saturday, May 1—StoryTime for preschoolers at the Hawaii State Library. There were 35 in attendance. Two books were read on the importance of listening and communicating. Sign language was utilized in the book and demonstrated by the speech language pathologist. A display board of ASHA pamphlets, and brochures on Hawaii Speech-Language and Hearing Associationspeech and language development were among the many handouts available for parents and the public.We also provided a coloring activity with the BHSM logo followed by a craft activity. Headbands were made with the front design of a mouth articulators identified or an ear with the three parts of the ear identified. BHSM balloons were given away at the end to the participants. There were two door prizes, a BHSM puzzle for a child and a BHSM cooler for a parent. 
  • Sunday, May2—The Healthcare Ministry at my local church provides a 3 minute sharing time once each month on an educational health issue. Hearing loss prevention was the topic for May 2. I used the ASHA online information which was inserted in the church bulletin. I shared the statistics regarding the the number of Americans with hearing loss, the basic anatomy of how sound waves travel through the ear enabling us to hear. Then I discussed the interval timeline by age when hearing testing is recommended. Finally, I discussed the hearing loss prevention. Our congregation has 300+ in attendance of all ages. Hopefully, a potential aspiring speech language pathologist or audiologist may choose our profession as their career choice.
  • Tuesday, May 4—Join Stroke Club support group at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific
  • Thursday, May 6—Lecture/Dinner on Ethic Issues by Deputy Attorney General Christine Denton with Cont. Ed Credits offered
  • Saturday, May 29—Hawaii Speech Language Hearing Association Picnic at Kakaako Park
  • In the process of confirming feature story on Traumatic Brain Injury with military personnel at Tripler Medical Center
  • 30 second and 60 second ASHA public service announcements to be aired thoughtout the month of May on 14 local radio stations
  • Midweek newspaper article for "Doctor In The House" section with photo shoot and interview featuring Hawaii Speech-Language and Hearing Association President Elect on plans for celebrating May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month
  • Island of Maui May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month celebration activities sponsored by Hawaii Speech-Language and Hearing Association with invitation for island of Oahu to attend
  • Department of Education is actively seeking participants for ASHA's May Is Better Hearing and Speech month song/video/coloring contests
  • University of Hawaii Medical School Public Relations Chair and Speech and Hearing Department are coordinating  publicity for May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month on campus
  • TV interview anticipated for May 8 for publicity of May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month celebrations by the Hawaii Speech Languagae Hearing Association
  • May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month products and educational materials to be distributed throughout the month

Submitted by:
Yolanda Miller, MA, CCC-SLP
President Elect, Hawaii Speech Language Hearing Association 
Therapy Program Manager

ASHA Corporate Partners