BHSM Stories: Comprehensive Therapy Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan

James White

Commissioner James White

Michael Sak

Speaker Pro Tempore Michael Sak

Mark Jansen

Senator Mark Jansen

Bill Hardiman

Senator Bill Hardiman

Comprehensive Therapy Center celebrated May is Better Hearing and Speech Month with a coloring contest "Books Speak to Me" for students in 10 schools across West Michigan. As part of the contest, students drew a character from one of their favorite books. Twenty-two winners attended the "Read To Me Tea" where legislators, school principals and other celebrities read books to the students. Students received two new books and note cards featuring their designs. Winning designs can be viewed at

Michigan Legislators who attended included Senator Bill Hardiman, Senator Mark Jansen, Speaker Pro Tempore Michael Sak, and Grand Rapids City Commissioner James White. Other readers included Fritz Crabb, Greater Grand Rapids Reads; Pam Duffy, New Branches School; and Kate Scheid, William C. Abney Academy.

Submitted by: Terese Smith

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