BHSM Stories: Forsyth Country Day School

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Here's how we celebrated BHSM at Forsyth Country Day School this year:

The speech team, Staci Jackson and Tina Parker, put together a month-long event that emphasized the importance of communication in daily life. Faculty members participated in the "Stuff the Box" contest that included entertaining videos and an informational handout. Participants were awarded prizes for watching the videos/reading the handout and "stuffing" the box with a fun fact they learned. Prizes included reusable shopping bags, tins of mints, and Hershey's Miniatures—all personalized with our school's name and BHSM from Oriental Trading Company. This year, the celebration not only included the faculty but was extended to the students from all three divisions as well. Lower school students and their families were given a May calendar adapted from another SLP, with fun hands-on activities such as cleaning out the garage and sorting items to be donated by category, or following a recipe and sequencing the steps involved. All of the activities were designed to encourage good listening, speech, and language skills. Each student who completed twenty of the thirty activities was awarded an ASHA BHSM bookmark, and personalized pencils from Oriental Trading Company. We challenged our upper and middle school students to compete in a penny campaign to benefit Operation Smile, an organization that helps children born with cleft palates receive life changing surgery at no cost. Not only were our students given the opportunity to learn about the mission of Operation Smile but they also stretched their skills as global thinkers by extending the impact of their giving beyond their own communities. The campaign raised a total of $647.48! On May 20th, the classes from each division that collected the most change received a visit from Gwynn Smithdeal, a representative with Krispy Kreme, and were rewarded with hats and hot doughnuts. The Better Hearing and Speech Month celebration at FCDS was a huge success! Everyone had fun and learned a little something along the way.

Watch the videos from our "Stuff the Box" contest: FCDS Better Hearing & Speech Month and Wake Up with Dottie.

Submitted by:
Staci T. Jackson, MA, CCC-SLP


I thought you would be interested to know what our school is doing to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month. In the past, we've had guest speakers come to talk to the faculty about different aspects of speech and language. We've also presented talks on speech and language issues relevant for classroom teachers. This year we are planning to educate faculty and raise awareness about speech/language/hearing by having a "Better Hearing and Speech Trivia Contest." Each morning during the month of May, we will send out a question related to speech and hearing. The first one to respond with the correct answer wins a small prize. The faculty are excited about the contest and we are hoping this will be a fun, creative way to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Submitted by:
Sherye Hall, MEd, CCC-SLP

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