BHSM Stories: Forest Creek Village

Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi, my name is Fatima Bullock and I currently work at a extended care facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. To celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month at my facility I have posted posters to educate staff and family on how to communicate better with individuals who are hard of hearing along with the role of the SLP when assisting individuals with dysphagia. I've also set out brochures in my facility educating families on the role(s) of an SLP in the healthcare setting.

In addition, I have targeted residents in my facility who are hard of hearing and do not own hearing aids and have trialed them with headset amplifiers to see if their hearing improves with the device. If it was found that the resident's hearing improved, then they were furnished with an amplifier.

Finally, I am hosting the second annual "Hurray for Puree" taste test party in which staff members taste a variety of puree food items. The person who is able to correctly guess the most number of puree food items wins a prize. This event was conceived with the idea of educating staff and families on the purpose of altered diets in addition to empathizing with individuals who have to placed on an altered diets.

Submitted by:Fatima Bullock, CCC-SLP

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