BHSM Stories: Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic

Kirkland, Washington


Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic located in Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond, Washington celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) this past May with numerous events in our offices and out in the community. The awareness month kicked off Monday, May 2, in all three offices with free goodies and earplugs and the staff hit the ground running with a month filled with awareness and celebration.

During the month we handed out 4,000 earplugs and logged over 350+ hours of volunteer work and involvement from our staff members! Some of our favorite events included our "chEAR" section at the Kirkland Half Marathon and 5K; a special presentation, "An Evening with the King," that hosted a screening of The King's Speech with a panel discussion to raise awareness on stuttering; and a new technology special event for our patients followed by our first ever Advanced Communication Workshop, hosted in partnership with the University of Washington! We topped off the month of events with four days of hearing awareness at the Northwest Folklife Festival letting concertgoers know how important it is to protect their ears!

In addition the clinic sponsored an awareness campaign on NPR and created a special edition section on the clinic's website dedicated to "the facts"



We here at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic have been proud supporters of Better Hearing and Speech Month since the clinic was founded in 1979. For the 75th year celebration our clinic has put together a special section of our website, sponsored a booth at the Kirkland Half Marathon and 5K that included earplugs and informational brochures included in 3,000 runners goody bags, offered free speech screenings to five local schools, conducted hearing screenings at a local health fair, gave a presentation at the University of Washington, and hosted a team building day to celebrate the professions of speech and audiology.


To top it all off, Mayor John Marchione of the City of Redmond declared May Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Our entire team is proud to be a part of the community, and celebrate this wonderful awareness month.

Submitted by: Jody Norwood


Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic and Oticon presented the third annual "Turn It Down, an EAR-responsible concert" on Saturday, May 17th at the Kirkland Teen Union Building (K.T.U.B.), in Kirkland, Washington in celebration of Better Hearing and Speech Month. This unique, fun and impressionable concert brought over 250 concert-goers to the all ages venue.

This year's event had a number of talented artists promoting hearing care, including Portugal The Man, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, and Man Down Medic. The staff of Evergreen was once again amazed at how in-tune musicians are with their ears and how important hearing safety is to them.

Each admission ticket to the EAR-responsible concert included free earplugs donated by The House Ear Institute, and the knowledge that all funds gathered at the door and through raffle ticket sales would go directly back to the teen center to obtain a safer sound system for the venue, including a sound limiter. The event raised $1,614 toward a safer venue for K.T.U.B.

Also available at the concert was a room set up for custom molded earplugs and ear buds at cost. During the three-hour period the impression room was open, the audiologists of Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic had 17 people take advantage of this great opportunity, including musicians, sound engineers, singers, DJ's and record label employees.

Local musicians, along with the audiologists from Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic emceed the evening. With the help of the sound engineer the event was successfully kept "turned down" to 100dB maximum. Concert-goers could see the sound level was lowered through live speech mapping projected on the wall. From the entrance to the exit, attendees were surrounded with education and awareness about hearing loss, a perfect platform during Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Information was on hand for concertgoers to grab during the event or on thier way out from Oticon, The House Ear Institute, Westone, Grammy U, and more.

Submitted by:
Jody Norwood

ASHA Corporate Partners