BHSM Stories: Danville School District

Danville, Illinois


Something that teachers have always enjoyed is the following:
I e-mail everyone a brief article on a certain speech/language topic, such as tips for hearing wellness, and then I attach a question about the article. They e-mail it back to me. Then their name goes in a drawing on Friday of that week to win a prize. I usually have first, second, and third place winners. They enjoy getting things like tote bags, books, plants, pedicure or manicure certificates. Sometimes I get donations from area businesses. I usually try to do this at least 2–3 weeks during the month of May. This year I will be giving each teacher a bottle of water with vocal hygiene tips attached to it. I downloaded the tips from Speaking of Speech.  

This year, my BHSM bulletin board is a safari theme—We are "wild" about vocal and hearing wellness. I have tips for both and facts about hearing loss. There are handouts attached for people to take. I also have hearing loss information in the May school newsletter. The BHSM packets for students are great, as well as Progressus—both of which I am using this year. 

Submitted by:
Donna Boyer, MS, CCC-SLP

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