BHSM Stories: Colville School District

Colville, Washington

I would like to share how I celebrated BHSM! As a school based SLP in an elementary school, I have found the most joy from educating kids. This year I gave 30-minute presentations to all the classrooms in my buildings and shared with them key information such as: 1) how we hear (in a nutshell, of course), 2) what damages our hearing, & 3) what to do to protect our hearing. Then, I gave the kids a challenge - make a hearing safety poster. Winners were chosen one from each classroom. The winners had their posters displayed at the school entrances and the local newspaper took pictures of all the winners and put all the winners in the newspaper. It was a great success! I have even had reports from kids that they have had their parents buy earplugs to wear at home when using chainsaws & lawnmowers.

This is how I shared BHSM with my students! I had a great time.

Submitted by:
Leah Heideman, MS, CCC-SLP

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