BHSM Stories: Chimes School

Baltimore, Maryland

The Chimes School is a non-public special education facility for students with autism, developmental delays, and other cognitive disabilities. The school's speech-language pathologists, Lynne A. Fadem, CCC-SLP, LaShonda Lucas, CF-SLP, and graduate intern Misty Merkel hosted an afternoon including an inservice on vocal hygiene, and then "fun and games" with 50 teachers, administrators, and IEP aides to raise awareness of how speech & language disorders affect the students served here.

The SLP's helped facilitate versions of 4 board/party games involving the whole staff-"Mad Gab" to demonstrate language processing, receptive difficulties and central auditory processing disorders, "Pictionary" to demonstrate strategies for expressive language disorders, "Taboo" to demonstrate word finding difficulties, and an improvisational game ala the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" in which a speaker was suddenly diverted to a new topic by pulling a scripted line out of his pocket on cue, to demonstrate difficulties with pragmatics & topic maintenance. Staff shared resounding feedback that not only was it fun, but that they learned a lot about how our students understand and communicate!

Submitted by:
Lynne A. Fadem, CCC-SLP

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