BHSM Stories: The Children's Medical Center of Dayton

Dayton, Ohio


The SLP department at Dayton Children's came up with a very unique campaign for 2013. We called it "Speak Week" and encouraged employees to engage in more live, face to face conversations for one week rather than using e-mail, voicemail, or texting. We had employees sign a pledge and also specify what activities they planned to do during Speak Week. We had 80 people sign up and put them in a raffle for a basket that included lip-shaped cookies and several games to stimulate conversation at home. This was very well received by staff and we had lots of positive comments! We used two fliers to advertise the campaign.

I highly recommend this activity for anyone to consider for next year's BHSM as it appeals to everyone! What better profession than ours to try and "conserve conversation"?

Submitted by:
Terry Wiegel, MS, CCC-SLP



The speech therapy and audiology departments at our hospital just completed a very successful BHSM PR event and wanted to share some pictures and highlight our events!

  1. Dayton 2We used information from the Listen To Your Buds website and shared that with our employees and customers and had them sign "The Pledge." All signed pledges were entered into a basket raffle. The basket contained an MP3 player, protective ear inserts, the DVD of The King's Speech, and assorted candies. We had over 200 pledges signed!
  2. We ran a PowerPoint presentation on our TV monitors in the hospital highlighting information from the Listen To Your Buds website.
  3. Our hospital mascot (Wally Bear) walked around with us on patient floors wearing ear phones and Dayton 1playing music to help us get the message out to kids about the importance of hearing protection.
  4. Our audiology manager, Linda McGinnis, attended events in the community and helped spread the word.
  5. We handed out red lip lollipops to staff to remind them of the importance of communication and the work our SLPs and Audiologists perform.
  6. We had table tents made for the cafeteria that highlighted Wally Bear and the message "Turn down the volume."

My hospital administration was very supportive of this project and allowed us to spend a lot of time and money to promote our services! I am currently the director of Public Relations and Marketing for OSLHA, so I have worked hard to increase our work in promoting the field and it has been fun and rewarding!

Submitted by:
Terry Wiegel, MS, CCC-SLP

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