BHSM Stories: Center for Spectrum Services

Kingston, New York

The following is a memo that was sent to the staff of Center for Spectrum Services about Better Hearing and Speech Month activities.

To: All Staff
From: The Communication Department
Re: Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month with us!! 

Below are activities we have planned for the month of May...Join in the following activities to earn points toward a free pizza party!!

Barrier game:
We need two participants from each team for this. One person will be the sender of information by describing how to draw a picture, and the other person will be the receiver of information and will draw the picture based on the sender's directions without seeing the picture. Each team will be drawing the same picture which will be provided. The team with the closest depiction wins this contest.

Acrostic Poem:
Each team will be given a word related to Communication, and your task will be to make a poster with an acrostic poem by coming up with a relevant descriptive word beginning with each letter in your assigned word. See the one designed by parents hanging by the library as an example. You will win this one if your poster is the most relevant and artistic/creative.

Idioms and Figurative Language:
Compile a list of all of things we all say that may be misinterpreted by our students, who tend to be literal thinkers. For example, "Take a seat." (Take it where???) These lists will be posted at the end of the month for all to read and think about when communicating with our students.

Each team will be given a set of phrases to convey to team members without talking or writing. Any other form of communication can be used. All team members will have a turn at being the message conveyor. You will win this contest if your team correctly interprets the most messages within the time period allotted.

Each team will be given messages to relate to the next team member. We need 4 team members for this game. The team that successfully relates the most messages will win this one.

Crossword Puzzle: related to Speech, Language and Hearing.

Join the Speech-Language Pathologists in the library on Friday, June 3rd from 2–3 pm for a party. Snacks will be provided, and we'll be available to answer questions and chat with anyone interested finding out more about what we do! Winners will be announced at the party.

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month to One and All!!!

Submitted by:
Nancy Uttendorfer

ASHA Corporate Partners