BHSM Stories: The Center for Hearing and Speech

Houston, Texas

The Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS), a full-service Houston nonprofit, provides four primary resources (education, speech pathology services, audiology clinic and family services) to children with mild to profound hearing losses. CHS celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) this May through outreach activities to the Greater Houston community.

Each day in May we will post new facts related to CHS, hearing impairments, cochlear implants and more on social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook. We have provided ideas for individual and school participation in BHSM through press releases and e-newsletters. These ideas include taking part in the ASHA drawing contest, studying hearing vocabulary and reading hearing education books through a lesson plan provided by a teacher from CHS' Melinda Webb School, taking tours of CHS, writing state legislators and coloring CHS' one-of-a-kind BHSM logo.

In addition to creating more community awareness about BHSM, special events and activities will take place right here at CHS. A few CHS students will get the chance to do a special presentation at a local elementary school, where a former CHS student attends, to inform other children about hearing loss and an audiologist will accompany them to explain about hearing aids and cochlear implants. As many of the CHS students have been getting ready for BHSM, their excitement has been captured in the coloring pages that will cover our hallways and on a video submitted for the ASHA BHSM video contest.

The most unique event will kick off BHSM at CHS, an English-immersion class for first-year immigrants at a local middle school will take a special field trip here to wrap up their year-long study on communication obstacles. Much like CHS students, these students have the common goal of working to achieve success in mainstream society, despite communication barriers.

To wrap up BHSM, CHS opens its doors to the Houston community on May 29 by holding a free hearing screening for children 0-18.

Through filming the BHSM video and observing the children play and learn, it continues to amaze me how these children who were born deaf, are now communicating and learning as if they didn't have a hearing impairment at all.

Submitted by:
Brooke Hluza


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