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Telepractice vs. On-Site Treatment: Are Outcomes Equivalent for School-Age Children

Rudolph, J. M., & Rudolph, S. (2015).
EBP Briefs, 10(2), 1-15.
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This is a systematic review comparing the outcomes of school-age children receiving telepractice-based intervention vs. on-site intervention treatment for speech, language, and/or communication disorders.

Questions/Aims Addressed

"Do school-age children receiving treatment for speech, language, and/or communication disorders show equivalent benefit from telepractice-based intervention as from on-site intervention as shown by comparable improvement in speech, language, and communication skills across the two treatment platforms?" (p. 2)


Children (three to fifteen years) diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech-Language Impairment (SLI), or Specific Learning Disability (SLD) receiving school-based services through telepractice-based intervention and/or on-site interventions


Telepractice-based intervention as compared to on-site intervention

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Conclusions from This Systematic Review

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"Although telepractice appears to be a promising platform for delivering speech and language services to school-age children, there is not yet sufficient evidence to confirm that outcomes resulting from treatment provided via telepractice are equivalent to those resulting from on-site treatment" (p. 4)

Keywords: Children, School-Based

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