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Evidence-Based Intervention for Toddlers with Sensorimotor Feeding Disorders

Redle, E. E. (2012).
EBP Briefs, 7(4), 1-13.
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This is a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature investigating oral sensorimotor interventions in toddlers with feeding delays.

Questions/Aims Addressed

"For toddlers (12 to 30 months old) with feeding disorders characterized by oral-motor deficits and limited texture acceptance, would an intervention that specifically included at least one sensory component (e.g., tactile, proprioception) in addition to an oral-motor component be more effective than only oral-motor intervention for improving feeding skills, as measured by oral motor skill development and advanced texture acceptance?" (pp. 1-2).


Toddlers with feeding disorders


Oral-motor or oral sensorimotor interventions

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Conclusions from This Systematic Review

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A direct comparison of the two interventions (i.e., oral motor alone versus a combination of sensory and oral motor treatment) was difficult given that the treatments examined in the included empirical studies had both a sensory and motor component. Currently, better evidence is available for treatments combining oral motor and sensory interventions in this specific population. 

Keywords: Oral Motor Treatments, Sensory Stimulation, Early Intervention

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