Teaching Tools

Academic Teaching

The following articles and resources will enhance educator's ability to impart knowledge and understanding to students in today's classroom and include resources on technology and its impact on how information is delivered in today's university.

Faculty Focus
An online publication with information and tools for university teaching and student advising

The Pedagogy of University Teaching
Dr. Rosalind Scudder relates her personal experience with the scholarship of teaching and provides lessons in the importance of moving beyond giving information to ensure student understanding.

Construction of a Course Syllabus
A step-by-step primer on syllabus development from affiliates of Special Interest Group 10: Issues in Higher Education.

Let's Talk About Teaching and Learning
A Compilation of Web and print resources for continuing professional development from Special Interest Group 10: Issues in Higher Education.

Clinical Teaching

The following resources provide an overview of the joys and challenges of clinical education unique to audiology and speech-language pathology, as well as specific guidance on preparing students to become effective practitioners.


Resources for Clinical Education—Audiology
A collection of ASHA documents and other resources to assist clinical educators, including useful websites and information from related organizations.

Speech-Language Pathology

Scenarios for Consideration
Review common exchanges between students and supervisors that illustrate the application of clinical education strategies.

Quality Indicators for Integration of Clinical Practice and Research: Program Self-Assessment

A Web-based resource checklist and sample action plan developed to assist faculty in evaluating their efforts to integrate research and clinical practice in the curriculum.

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