Interdisciplinary Collaborations Module 5: Presenting Research

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"Successful collaboration culminates in publication of the work effort"

(Kraut et al., 1988)

Intellectual Ownership

  • Publication & presentation authorship
    • Eligibility
    • Order
  • Other intellectual property issues
    • Copyright
    • Patents

Presenting Research

  • Document Planning
    • Determine what should be said and how
    • Divide writing tasks
      • Manuscript sections
      • Author vs. editor
    • Division of credit must be decided before public release
      • Publication
      • Presentation

Presenting Research: Authorship

  • Determined by origin of ideas
  • Not determined by time, effort, or pay (Derry et al., 1998)
  • Published criteria for authorship
    • Professional associations
    • Journal information for authors
  • Intellectual work highly valued
  • Order may be influenced by need
    • Application for tenure
    • Building track record for grant applications
    • Publication pressure low ? faculty generous in granting authorship
  • Peer negotiations about authorship
    • Should be initiated early in the process
    • May evolve as the project evolves
    • Standards for authorship and authorship position may vary for different fields and professions
  • Faculty/student conversation about authorship
    • Should be initiated early in the process
    • Explain significance of authorship and meaning of order
    • Jointly decide on level of involvement relative to authorship criteria

Presenting Research: Authorship

The supervisor and student "jointly decide what combination of professional activities warrants a given level of authorship credit."

Fine & Kurdek, 1993
  • A Final Word
    • Authorship implies responsibility for and agreement with all aspects of the data and its interpretation.
    • This principle holds regardless of the relative position of the author in the listing of authors.

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