Campus Resources

Colleges and universities maintain and operate under a strategic plan for the institution and often require a strategic plan of its college administrative units and the academic programs housed within those units. As a result, campus resources may exist to assist academic programs with developing a strategic plan for the program or department. While universal resources do not exist on each campus, academic programs may be able to identify resources on their particular campus to assist with strategic planning.

Planning Template

A template for strategic planning that identifies the preferred content and format of a strategic plan may be available from the university office that sets forth the requirement for campus strategic planning.


Assistance or guidance also may be available from the Dean's office in which the program is administratively housed, particularly if the college itself also engages in strategic planning along with the individual academic programs.

Subject Matter Experts

Another potential campus resource is the subject matter expertise available within the university community. Consultation with faculty who demonstrate subject matter expertise for strategic planning as part of their teaching and research at the university (e.g., Business Administration) is another campus resource to provide assistance with developing and implementing a strategic plan.

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