S.T.E.P. Monday Connection

The S.T.E.P. mentoring experience not only includes one-to-one mentoring, but also, peer mentoring via the S.T.E.P. Community. Please join your S.T.E.P. colleagues for engaging and enlightening discussions on a variety of topics important to you.

Topic Areas

  • Connect
    Learn ways to enhance your mentoring experience.
  • Learn
    Open discussion format which allows mentors and mentees to communicate with one another about the topic of the day.
  • Empower
    Learn a new skill and boost your career potential.

Topic Descriptions

October 1: S.T.E.P. Connection
The name and e-mail of your mentoring partner will be sent out via e-mail from STEP@asha.org. Mentors will receive their mentee's goals which will help you better understand what your mentee seeks to accomplish during the program. Once you have received this message, please introduce yourself to your mentoring partner and begin to get to know one another. Start by thinking about what method (e-mail, text, video chat, etc.) and how often (once a week, twice a month, etc.) you will communicate.

October 5: General Rules to Remember and Guidelines for Mentoring Success
Learn what it takes to be successful in your mentoring relationship. Resources from the mentoring manual will be highlighted to help guide you.

October 12: Basic Roles of the Mentee and the Mentor
Successful mentoring partnerships often allow for flexibility in the roles that participants serve. At times, one might be a coach, a cheerleader, or even a devil's advocate. Many people have one role that they favor over others. However, it's important that participants know the types of roles they could play. The ASHA Community is a great venue for discussing when to change roles.

October 19: The Value of Mentoring Goals
According to Mentor, Inc., goal setting is a powerful technique for helping you develop a solid foundation for future planning and organization. Participants will discuss best practices for achieving goals.

October 26: Getting Into Graduate School—So Many Students, So Little Space
It's very competitive to get into a CSD graduate program. What can you do to make your application stand out? Join the discussion with ASHA's Academic Affairs team to learn how to prepare your application for success.


Contact Your S.T.E.P. mentoring coaches at step@asha.org.

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