2018 Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) Awardees

ASHA offers a Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) for the annual ASHA Convention in order to highlight the research activities of "budding" scientists and encourage careers in science and research. Travel awards of $500 each are available for undergraduate, master's, AuD, and PhD students (at the time of submission) who are first authors on a paper of any of the following session types: (a) technical, (b) poster, (c) one-hour seminar or instructional course, (d) two-hour seminar or instructional course, or (e) short course.  View previous awardees.

Ranita Anderson, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Parent Mediated Interventions Using a Coaching Model: How & Why?"

Lian Arzbecker, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
"Implications of Required Twitter Engagement in #HigherEd"

C. Hunter Bowman, East Tennessee State University
"Infants With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Who Receives SLP Services in the NICU?"

Nicole Corbin, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Spatial Hearing & Functional Auditory Skills in Children Who Have Unilateral Hearing Loss"

Corrine Deutenberg, University of Cincinnati
"Using Drawings to Understand Jamaican Children's Talking"

Carly Dinnes, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
"Writing After Traumatic Brain Injury: Impact of Injury & Recommendations for Assessment & Treatment"

Kathryn Gabel, University of Iowa
"Narrative Skills in School-Age Children Who are Hard of Hearing"

Julianne Garbarino, University of Maryland
"Complexity of Written & Spoken Persuasive Narratives of Teens/Young Adults With & Without Autism"

Dawn Girten, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
"Language Skills in Children Admitted for Psychiatric Treatment"

Zoi Gkalitsiou, University of Texas at Austin
"Executive Control in Adults Who Do & Do Not Stutter: The Antisaccade Task"

Mirjana Gomez, The University of Sydney
"Current Practices in Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)"

Allysson Gore, Northwestern University
"The Effects of Human Touch on Pain and Stress in Preemies: Evidence for Neonatal Therapists"

Ashley Higgins, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Choral Singing: Effects on Speech, Voice, & Quality of Life in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease"

Theresa Hopkins-Rossabi, Northwestern University
"Refinements of Respiratory-Swallow Training (RST) Methods With Healthy Adults"

Brandi Jett, Case Western Reserve University
"The Importance of Coarticulation for Speech-On-Speech Recognition"

Hannah Krimm, Vanderbilt University
"The ELKS-M: A Measure of Morphological Knowledge"

Kelly Malcolm, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
"Prevalence of Vestibular Deficits Associated With Gentamicin Use in Nicaragua"

Tara O'Neill, Pennylvania State University
"Designing AAC Technologies to Fit into Family Life: Perspectives of Parents"

Jordan Orozco, University of Texas at El Paso
"Age-Related Changes in Speech Recognition Performance in Spanish-English Bilinguals"

Brian Orr, University of Florida
"Is Verbal Fluency a Language Measure?"

Laura Panzone, Syracuse University
"Transglottal Airflow in Speakers With Parkinson's Disease"

Sita Patel, CUNY Graduate Center
"Language Recovery from Aphasia: Neuroplasticity vs Compensation"

Danika Pfeiffer, James Madison University
"Interprofessional Practice for School-Based SLPs"

Emily Quinn, Vanderbilt University
"Caregiver-Implemented Language Interventions Delivered via Telepractice: A Systematic Review & Meta-analysis of Single-case Research"

Kristin Schaffer, The University of Texas at Austin
"Navigating the Realm of Primary Progressive Aphasia: Differential Diagnosis & Assessment Considerations"

Chelsea Sommer, University of Utah
"Abnormal Vocal Quality in Children With & Without a History of Cleft Palate"

Erika Squires, Wayne State University
"Patient-Provider Communication in Health Care Settings for Persons With Aphasia (PWA)"

Teadora Taddeo, Vanderbilt University
"The Childhood Intelligibility Assessment: A Translational Clinical Research Project"

Yi-Hsin Tai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Relation between Consonant Recognition in Speech-in-Noise Test & Pitch of Tinnitus"

Emily Trittschuh, Rush University
"SSW: Half List Scores Predict Total Scores Among School-age Children"

Wendy Vastine, University of Pittsburg
"Peer-based Transgender Voice & Communication Training: A More Appropriate Delivery Model?"

Krista Voelmle, University of Kansas
"Trends Toward Talkers: Referral Processes Between Pediatricians & Early Intervention Services in South Carolina" 

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