2016 Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) Awardees

ASHA offers a Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) for the annual ASHA Convention in order to highlight the research activities of "budding" scientists and encourage careers in science and research. Travel awards of $500 each are available for undergraduate, master's, AuD, and PhD students (at the time of submission) who are first authors on a paper of any of the following session types: (a) technical, (b) poster, (c) one-hour seminar or instructional course, (d) two-hour seminar or instructional course, or (e) short course. View previous awardees.

Andrea Barton-Hulsey, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison
"Home & School Literacy Experiences of Preschool-Age Children with Developmental Disabilities"

Kristina Bustamante, Florida State University
"Examining ELL Parent & Service Provider Perceptions: Telepractice Survey & Trial Evaluation Results"

Bronwyn Carrigg, Sydney Children's Hospital Network and the University of Sydney, Australia
"Persistent Speech Sound Disorder Outcomes in a Multigenerational Family"

Alyssa Coreno, Case Western Reserve University
"Repetitive Brain Trauma in Athletes & Implications for Current SLP Practice"

Shannon Fischer, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point
"Student Reflections of Pseudostuttering: A Qualitative Retrospective Study"

Ashley Gander, Rush University
"Brittle Bones: Osteogenesis Imperfecta & Hearing Loss"

Teresa Girolamo, University of Kansas
"Community-Based Interventions for Adolescents & Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Review"

Mohammad Haghighi, Ohio University
"Behavioral & Pupillometric Indices of Post-Sentential Processing Effort"

Mary Hanson, George Washington University
"Acoustic Contributions to Perception of Female Sexual Orientation & Gender Performance"

Alicia Hutchison, University of Pittsburgh
"A Collaborative Model of Clinical Education & Healthy Hearing Services on a College Campus"

Corinne Jones, University of Wisconsin–Madison
"Three-Dimensional High-Resolution Manometry: Moving HRM Into the Next Dimension"

Deanna Kawitzky, New York University
"The Effect of Biofeedback on the Feminization of Voice in Transgender Women"

Marika King, Georgia State University
"Friendships Among Children Who Use AAC & Their Peers: Research Review & Clinical Implications"

Lakshmi Kollara Sunil, East Carolina University
"Evaluating Velopharyngeal Structures in Children With 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Using an Innovative MRI Protocol"

Amanda Kriese, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
"An Examination of the Metalinguistic Skills of Three- to Eight-Year-Old Twins"

Marc Maffei, MGH Institute of Health Professions
"Correlating Ambulatory Voice Measures With Vocal Fatigue Self-Ratings in Individuals With MTD & Normal Controls"

Candace Nuzzo Michiels, University of Maryland–College Park
"Girl Power: The Female Advantage in Language Development From 7-24 Months & Why It Matters"

Thomas Page, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Entry to Dismissal: Factors Influencing Duration of Intervention for Children Who Are Hard of Hearing"

Kevin Pitt, University of Kansas
"Inter-Institutional, Cutting Edge ALS Research Across the Disease Course, From Motor Speech to AAC BCI"

Gina Pretzer, University of California, Merced
"Parental Responses & Language Ability in Walking & Crawling Infants"

EmilyDayle Quinn, Vanderbilt University
"Harnessing Social Media to Improve Intervention for Individuals With Complex Communication Needs"

Rachael Redman, Old Dominion University
"PRISMA Criteria in Reviews for Executive Function & Attention Treatments for TBI"

Pamela Resnick, University of Central Florida
"Calibration of Clinical Faculty in Assessing Clinical Skills Across the Continuum of Graduate Education"

Kelly Salmon, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital/Nova Southeastern University
"FEES 101: How to Develop Your Program From Business Plan to Implementation"

Liora Segal, Temple University
"Caregiver Consultation & Training in International Service Delivery"

Renee Symonds, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"The Impact of Unattended Auditory Cues on Perception & Task Performance in Complex Auditory Environments"

Elizabeth Wieland, Michigan State University
"Rhythm Perception & Functional Connectivity Differences in Adults Who Stutter"

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