Minority Student Leadership Program Replication Kit for State Associations

Download the MSLP Replication Kit [PDF].

The Minority Student Replication Kit offers an opportunity for state associations to develop a leadership activity for its student members. The Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP) on which this kit is based provide students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups with an opportunity to explore leadership within ASHA, to increase their awareness of the Association and its governance, and to enable them to network with Association leaders. During its tenure, the program has been viewed as a highly effective retention tool for those students who have participated. The participants have developed an allegiance to the Association and have a greater knowledge of and access to a number of resources to assist them in successfully completing their transition through the ASHA certification process and into ASHA membership. As a result of funding and programmatic limitations, the MSLP can be made available to only a small number of highly qualified students who have the potential to serve our professions well. In an effort to make the program available to a larger number of students, ASHA has developed this replication kit for state associations.

The kit provides guidance and a process for replicating the MSLP. This leadership program may be used as a tool to retain students currently enrolled in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) programs, to develop awareness of the professions among high school students, to recruit students into master's and entry-level clinical doctorate programs, to recruit students into state associations, and to develop the leadership skills of future leaders of those state associations. Some or all of the components of the program may be used. Once a state association has determined its mission and objectives, it can decide which components best serve its needs and modify them accordingly. This kit should be considered a starting point for developing an effective, customized program.

Please contact mslp@asha.org if you have questions or need assistance.

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