Forum Follow-Up Recommendations for ASHA

The breakout group discussions provided with time to draw upon their personal experiences, information from the panel presentations, and input from other group participants to explore multiple solutions to personnel shortages. Everyone was encouragedto "think out of the box" and be creative and innovative. We are listing the recommendations shared within each group they do not represent group consensus some of the ideas will be developed into actions.

The University groups made the following recommendations to ASHA for follow up.

  • ASHA presentations at:
    • Special education meeting about shortage (NASDE)
    • Regional workshops to share the forum model and engage colleagues on solutions to SLP shortages
    • Regional conferences for universities – perhaps at CAPCSD?
  • Participants maintain contact via e-mail
  • Reconvene participants as a group for follow-up
  • Create a discussion forum for people to give ideas
  • Post Info/outcomes from the Forum on the website
  • ASHA Leader article

The School groups made the following recommendations to ASHA for follow up.

  • Communicate the success generated by this forum
  • Conduct another meeting like this Forum
  • Create Listserv of participants at this Forum; meet again in a year
  • Make this a "bullet" on the website
  • Share successes and challenges on the website
  • Set up a Web Forum
  • Publish a Leader article including local action plans and outcomes as a result of this Forum.
  • Publish results of the state grants
  • Share National press release with states
  • Share information on the resources/materials that are available – develop a list of what is still needed
  • Develop an Executive summary
  • Develop a list of funding resources mentioned by the presenters
  • Provide information on the cost of personnel turn-over
  • Hold all stakeholders accountable for solving the personnel shortages

The Health care group made the following recommendations to ASHA for follow up.

  • Disseminate outcomes of the Forum for peer review
  • Target Division 11 and other h/c divisions as partners
  • CAA Role
  • Communicate that personnel shortages are a CRISIS in health care
  • Develop cost factors – case studies for retention

Recommendations for Ways that ASHA Can Be Supportive


  • Recruit more men to the profession
    • Produce a DVD showing male SLPs working with a range of activities & clients
    • Market the Science & Technology of the SLP profession
    • Increase exposure of SLPs work with stars and athletes
    • Scholarship programs
      • Males (as minorities) $1000 with perhaps $1000 match by program?
    • Establish a marketing campaign
      • Are you man enough to be a ‘nurse'?
      • Look at chemistry campaign – uses in daily life
    • Consider establishing a Focused Initiative on Recruitment
  • Promote the profession via mass media/online magazine publications
  • Create a memo that details a comparative analysis between bachelors and masters degree programs with focus on preparation for school settings
  • Develop additional instructional materials for specific disorder topics/content areas
  • Compile lists/examples of what universities are already doing and disseminate
  • Compile statewide comprehensive plans
  • Develop fact sheet on salaries good reasons to expand programs
  • Get data and numbers that verify or nullify the perception that students aren't getting into programs
  • Maintain a repository of personnel grant application samples to provide faculty with ideas
  • Track university funded grants/investigators in CSD
  • Develop fact sheet on how to "Grow your own"


  • National Clearinghouse on jobs
  • Software shell for state website or jobs
  • Revamp job listings to consolidate various sites into one place. ASHA statistics on results of ads
  • Consider alternative pricing for Leader advertisements and the on-line career center
  • Consider other ways to advertise positions
  • Increase the ease of locating items on ASHA's website
  • Information on ASHA's website to school admin., etc. who are not members
  • Consider ASHA Foundation grant for tuition, scholarships, faculty for Distance Learning programs
  • Fact sheets for administrators. "1-page 10 steps for…" e.g., mentoring, workload
  • Keep those resources coming
  • Consider developing a position papers on RTI and dismissal criteria
  • Consider inclusion of exit criteria in documents on various disorders
  • Develop materials for undergraduate career days


  • Consider posting patient testimonials and video clips on the website
  • Develop additional marketing materials for the profession
  • Branding Asha to be more inclusive of health care with adults
  • Get NSSLHA students more involved in h/c divisions (promote Build A Legacy campaign)
  • Encourage NSSLHA chapters to be active in recruiting
  • Clearinghouse for volunteer practicum supervisors or returning clinicians (possibly thru Div 11)
  • Foster collaborations between health care and university
  • Develop clinical supervisor training – online or in person
  • Provide guidance for getting back into the profession on website
  • Mentoring, shadowing (mentoring thru state associations)
  • Curriculum for returning/regaining expertise
  • Special Interest Divisions involvement – partner w/state associations
  • Consider a board certified recognition certificate for health care

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