SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Purchasing Guidelines for SIG Giveaways

SIGs should take the following into consideration when purchasing giveaways for ASHA events:

  • Stock Items: The SIG should check with its ex officio to discuss what the SIG already has (stored at the National Office and/or with volunteers) and to determine the SIG's eligibility and budget for purchasing.
  • Production time: This can vary depending on the item, the vendor, customization, etc. Requests should be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event unless otherwise noted by National Office staff.
  • Cost: The SIG should consider varying the cost of its giveaways from year to year.
    • Ex. If pedometers are giveaways one year, consider highlighters the next.
    • Giveaways will depreciate if members come to expect high-value items each year.
    • The SIG should ensure the item and all related expenses (setup fees, shipping, etc.) are covered in its budget.
  • Competing Giveaways: It is desirable to avoid competition with ASHA's corporate sponsors, ASHA, and other SIGs.
    • Ex. One of ASHA's corporate sponsors typically provides lanyards at Convention. As a result, no SIG should plan lanyards as a giveaway.
    • When looking for giveaway ideas, the SIG may want to have alternatives in the event that (a) another group is already providing that item, (b) there will not be enough time to accommodate the request, or (c) the item will exceed the budget.
  • Proofing/Approval: All giveaways produced on behalf of a SIG must be proofed by ASHA staff before the final order is placed. Without prior approval, expenses related to that giveaway may not be reimbursed.
  • Social Responsibility: As part of ASHA's commitment to social responsibility, the Purchasing Department maintains a list of preferred vendors who are actively involved in the community.
  • Going Green: When possible, SIGs should order eco-friendly giveaways. See below for some suggestions.

The ASHA Convention went green in 2008. Since then, every effort has made to make Convention as eco-friendly as possible so everyone purchasing giveaways is encouraged to keep this in mind. Here are a few "green" ideas:

  • Earth Ball Stress reliever. Biodegradable filler made from all natural material
  • Earth Marble Ribbon Bookmark. 80% post-consumer recycled glass with the continents of the Earth in miniature reproduction
  • Post-it notes with logo made out of 30% consumer waste
  • Pens made out of corn plastic

Below are a few sites that can be used to browse for ideas:

In order to streamline this process, those planning for giveaways are are asked to coordinate through the National Office.

Requests for orders should include the following information:

  • Item description
  • Vendor name (This information can help the ASHA's Purchasing Department find the best value at the best price)
  • Item number (Although a different vendor may be chosen, this number can be used as a reference point)
  • Color (item and imprint)
  • Imprinting (Text as it should appear and graphics). Using the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association trademarked signature consistently helps build recognition and a unified expression for ASHA. There are specific guidelines for use of the ASHA logo. The requester should indicate the desire to use the SIG emblem.
  • Quantity. Please keep in mind the size of the crowd each event usually draws. Due to spacing concerns, there are limitations on how much excess (if any) can be stored at the National Office. When possible, items will be stored and used at the event so that items will not have to be returned to the NO afterwards. No food items can be stored at the National Office.
  • Budget/cost estimate (as discussed with the SIG ex-officio)

**When possible, items will be delivered directly to the event from the vendor (rather than shipping to the National Office first).

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