SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Proposal and Approval of a Named Lecture at the ASHA Convention

The purpose of a named lecture at an ASHA Convention is to present scientific information in a focused topic area of importance to ASHA members. A named lecture agreement may span several years, includes one invited session presented each year at the ASHA Convention, and is typically underwritten by a sponsoring organization, company, or group.

Criteria for the Content of a Named Lecture at the ASHA Convention

  1. The named lecture must meet all the standards for learning activities offered for ASHA CEUs. In particular, the content of the lecture must be:
    1. scholarly in nature,
    2. presented at the graduate level or above,
    3. and delivered by presenters with recognized scholarly competence in the topic

Requirements of the Sponsoring Organization

  1. The sponsoring organization, company, or group must:
    1. enter into a written agreement with ASHA detailing the terms of the named lecture,
    2. agree to fully fund the named lecture, including stipends for speakers, for the duration of the agreement,
    3. agree that the planning of the lecture, including identification of specific topic and speakers, is entirely the responsibility of ASHA through its Convention committee structure, and
    4. abide by all ASHA requirements concerning conflict of interest and disclosures

Process for Proposing a Named Lecture

  1. A named lecture may be proposed by individuals who are current ASHA members or by a sponsoring organization or company.
  2. The proposal shall specify:
    1. the duration of the agreement (not less than 2 years, not more than 4 years)
    2. the Convention program topic area in which the named lecture shall reside
    3. the name of the lecture (e.g., The Jane Doe Lecture, sponsored by Company X; or the Company X Lecture in Topic Y)
    4. procedures for either party to terminate the agreement
  3. The proposal shall be submitted to ASHA's Scientific and Professional Education Board (SPEB) no later than October 15 of the year preceding the year in which the named lecture is to begin.
  4. SPEB, in consultation with the Convention Co-Chairs of the lecture's inaugural year, shall recommend proposed agreements to ASHA's Chief Executive Officer for approval.
  5. Upon approval, the appropriate Convention Topic Committee shall take responsibility for topic and speaker selection for the named lecture for the duration of the agreement.
  6. In case a proposal is not approved, SPEB shall inform the submitter.
  7. Agreements will be reviewed at the end of the contractual period and may be renewed by mutual agreement.

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

  1. All named lecture proposal documents, presentation materials, and oral presentations shall conform to current ASHA regulations concerning disclosures and conflicts of interest.

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