SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook


Affiliation with one or more Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is a benefit of ASHA membership. The SIGs are dedicated to the professional concerns of ASHA members.

Eligibility/Membership Categories

Affiliation with special interest groups is voluntary and is available to members of the Association for a fee beyond membership dues. The term "affiliation," as used here, is synonymous with "membership," but is used to avoid confusion with membership in the Association.

Consumers and individuals who hold only the Certificate of Clinical Competence, but are not ASHA members, are ineligible for SIG affiliation.

Eligible individuals may join or affiliate with any number of SIGs, although the annual membership fee, as outlined above, obtains for each affiliation. As with ASHA membership, SIG affiliation is for the calendar year. Dues are not prorated; the same fees apply regardless of the date on which a member joins.

Membership/Affiliation Category
(Benefits will be extended to future ASHA membership categories not identified as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.)
Affiliation Fee
ASHA Members $35
ASHA Associates $35
ASHA International Affiliates $35
Students (Members of the national NSSLHA and ASHA Graduate Student Members) (ASHA Certified Members who are full or part time students pursuing a degree in CSD (or related field) at a regionally accredited institution (see Graduate Student Membership Discount). $10

*SIG membership forms received after August 1 will be processed for the following year. These new affiliates will not have access to most benefits (Perspectives, affiliate online community, etc.) until January 1 of the following year; however, they may be eligible for some SIG-related discounts at the ASHA Convention that occurs in the calendar year in which they applied.

Affiliate Benefits

The SIGs provide valuable benefits to affiliates that aide personal and professional growth.


Perspectives is the member publication for the Special Interest Groups. These exclusive online periodicals provide a wealth of information on those subjects of most concern to ASHA members who belong to those groups. Currently, all SIG affiliates have access to all Perspectives regardless of affiliation; this includes more than 2,500 archived articles and over 200 new articles published each year.

Continuing Education

SIG affiliates have the opportunity to earn ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through self-study of Perspectives and pay the lowest processing fee to take the exams. Non-affiliates may also access the CE self-study for a fee that is commensurate with pricing for ASHA scholarly journals.

The SIGs provide additional CE opportunities, including the SIG-developed Short Courses at ASHA's annual Convention.


Affiliates have access to exclusive online communities, which provide the opportunity to interact with other SIG affiliates who share specific professional interests and use ASHA's Member Directory to search for individuals by SIG.

In addition, affiliates can meet in person at an ASHA event; each SIG hosts an affiliates meeting at Convention or other ASHA conference.


SIG affiliates are eligible for discounts on select Short Courses at the ASHA Convention, in addition to early bird registration fees for other ASHA-sponsored CE events including ASHA's Health Care/Business Institute and Schools Conferences.

Volunteer Opportunities

SIGs provide the opportunity for affiliates to serve in volunteer roles to address professional matters within the SIG and larger ASHA Community (see Volunteer Leaders). Some positions have eligibility requirements. For example, only ASHA members (including those who are Graduate Student members) can nominate, vote, or hold a position on a SIG Coordinating Committee; ASHA International Affiliates, ASHA Associates, and Students (including ASHA members who are full-time doctoral students) are ineligible.

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