SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Interim Program Review Process for Special Interest Groups


ASHA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are to advance ASHA's mission by engaging members in SIGs that foster the interchange of information among ASHA and NSSLHA members who share common professional interests. Thus, the Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators (BSIGC) has determined that each SIG should be reviewed on an annual basis. Program review can serve to provide an opportunity for SIG self-evaluation and reflection.

The Coordinator of each SIG, in consultation with the SIG's Coordinating Committee, is responsible for submitting an annual report reflecting the SIG's activities and compliance with requisite minima/maxima criteria, BSIGC annual report benchmarks, and SIG Master Calendar requirements. The due date of submission is December 31.

If the previous year's review yielded recommendations for change, evidence of how the change has been incorporated must be included in the report.

A program review committee of four BSIGC members has been selected to fulfill this peer-based, program review process. Each committee member is assigned four to six SIGs and serves as an advocate for these respective SIGs.

Documents Required for the Program Review Process

All SIGs are required to submit the SIG's current 3-year Work Plan/Progress Report form to the Chair of the BSIGC as part of the annual review process.

Annual Report

Each SIG shall submit an annual report that is expected to demonstrate that the SIG has accomplished the following benchmarks:

  1. maintained a Coordinating Committee of six to seven members
  2. completed self-assessments by all Coordinating Committee members
  3. participated in the BSIGC meetings
  4. develop new leaders
  5. hold one face-to-face/real-time Coordinating Committee meeting
  6. managed a SIG online community
  7. filed and updated a current work plan
  8. conducted one affiliates meeting
  9. conducted one CE activity
  10. published one issue of Perspectives
  11. analyzed Perspectives satisfaction survey(s)-included with each CE self-study
  12. contributed to relevant ASHA goals

NOTE: These benchmarks have been included as part of each SIG's Work Plan/Progress Report form.

Using the SIG Work Plan/Progress Report form, the SIG Coordinator and Coordinating Committee should indicate the status of each of the work plan initiatives. In the comment section, the Coordinating Committee can provide any information that may clarify or explain the status of the initiative. Each annual report will be reviewed by the BSIGC program review subcommittee in terms of whether the SIG has or has not met the benchmarks or has exceeded the benchmark.

Timeline and Procedures for Program Review

  1. By December 31 of each year, the Coordinating Committee for each SIG must submit an annual report to the BSIGC. One person on the CC is responsible for the submission of the report on behalf of the Coordinating Committee. Timeliness of report submission is critical for the review process.
  1. The Program Review Committee will review the SIGs' annual report(s) (i.e., SIG Work Plan/Progress Report form) by February 1 to determine whether all benchmarks were met and the results are sent to the chair of the committee. During the month following submission, the Reviewer/Advocate may contact the person submitting the report to clarify information provided in the annual report. The chair of the committee then forwards a summary of the results to the chair of the BSIGC. All SIGs will be provided feedback as indicated.
  1. If a SIG does not meet benchmarks, plans for meeting benchmarks will be developed through collaboration among the SIG's Coordinating Committee and the BSIGC chairperson prior to March 15. Members of the program review committee and ASHA staff may also be involved in this collaboration as needed. A variety of resources could be made available, including conference calls, use of another BSIGC member as an advocate or collaborator, etc.
  1. If progress toward meeting benchmarks does not improve after two consecutive annual report reviews, alternative ways to meet the needs of the SIG's affiliates will be explored by the BSIGC.

Program Review Committee

A committee will be formed and serve as the Program Review Committee to read and evaluate the annual reports submitted by the Coordinating Committees for each SIG. The composition of the committee will include the Chair of the BSIGC, Director of the SIG Program, the BOD liaisons, and four selected members. The four selected members should include one audiologist, one speech-language pathologist, and two members-at-large. One of these four is selected as chair of the committee. Members will be nominated from the BSIGC. Eligibility for nomination will be determined by the number of years BSIGC members will be serving as SIG Coordinators.

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