SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Committee Meetings

SIG business is conducted as assigned on an ongoing basis through face-to-face meetings and regular communication with other volunteers and staff via e-mail and conference calls. Other special meetings or communications are scheduled as necessary.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Meeting participants will receive an e-mail from an ASHA Travel Manager containing logistical information (i.e., meeting dates, budget code, hotel information, reimbursement information, and directions from the local airports) 6–8 weeks prior to the meeting. The SIGs are expected to follow ASHA guidelines for arranging travel through the designated travel agency and for per diem travel limits. Invited participants who are unable to attend should contact the ex officio and Travel Manager as soon as possible so any necessary cancellations can be made in a timely manner. The SIGs are expected to follow ASHA guidelines for arranging travel through the designated travel agency and for per diem travel limits.

Per Association policy, expenses associated with meetings held in conjunction with ASHA's annual Convention are the responsibility of the individual.

Board of SIG Coordinators

The BSIGC will hold at least one meeting at the National Office each year. In addition, the board will conduct an annual meeting at the ASHA Convention on Committee Day (see Committee Day). This day is devoted to meetings of committees and boards of the Association.

SIG Coordinating Committees

Each Coordinating Committee shall have one face-to-face meeting or other real-time interactive meeting per year with current Coordinating Committee members. Face-to-face meetings require a 2-day agenda and should be scheduled with consideration of SIG CC and National Office availability a minimum of 9 weeks in advance. The ex officio and SIG Coordinator will collaborate to determine the meeting agenda. The SIG CC must finance any additional meetings planned; associated expenses need to be included in the budget and approved by the BOD. Permitting incoming committee members to attend face-to-face meetings at the National Office before their terms begin would set a precedent. It changes the dynamics of committees, and in some cases, current members whose terms are ending could feel marginalized. However, incoming members may participate via conference call. Because Convention is late in the year, Committee Day meetings are a great time for committee members to change over.

Committee Day Meetings (Convention)

Committee Day provides an opportunity for committees to meet face-to-face a second time during the year and transition new and outgoing members.

Off-Site Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are typically held at the National Office; however, alternative locations may be considered on the basis of cost savings. Off-site meetings require approval from the Vice President for Finance and the Chief Executive Officer.

A representative from the National Office must be in attendance for these meetings.

Travel Reimbursement

Committee members who attend a face-to-face meeting must complete and submit a Travel Expense Voucher within 60 days of the end of the meeting to the National Office. Original, itemized receipts must be included with the expense voucher in order to receive reimbursement. A copy of the reimbursement request should be kept by the individual in the event there are follow up questions or missing information. For additional information, including an electronic copy of the expense voucher, refer to the e-mail from the ASHA Travel Manager.

Conference Calls

Coordinating Committee conference calls are initiated by the CC to conduct SIG business. Each CC is encouraged to hold monthly calls, but the frequency/schedule of these calls will be determined by the committee.

The BSIGC may choose to conduct business via conference call in between face-to-face meetings. These calls will be initiated by the BSIGC Chair and SIG Director.

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