SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

ASHA Events

Although they do not provide financial sponsorship, the SIGs play an active role in supporting the planning of ASHA events relevant to their focus area.


Each SIG is to offer one Short Course (3-hour, ticketed) and one other invited session (preferably 1 hour in length). The SIG should start planning in advance of the call for papers; submissions must be received by the deadline (typically mid-March).

Affiliates receive 50% registration discounts to SIG-sponsored Short Courses, but there will be no revenue or expense sharing with ASHA.

Note: Short Courses with fewer than 12 registrants may be cancelled.

Affiliates Meetings

One Affiliates meeting must be scheduled each year.

Although most take place during the ASHA Convention, affiliates meetings also can be held at other events (i.e., Schools or HealthCare) where a large number of affiliates will be in attendance. If a meeting is to occur outside the ASHA Convention, the ex officio or another National Office staff member must be in attendance, per Association operating procedures. A web-based affiliates meeting can also be scheduled if Association support and infrastructure are available (i.e., capacity, format, technology may vary).

Meetings held at Convention must be scheduled at times that do not conflict with session programming. A meeting of 25 or more will not be scheduled opposite sessions.

Any food requests must be included in the SIG funds and approved by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Requests must be submitted by the posted deadlines indicated on the Function Space Request Form and Food and Beverage Request Form (typically April/May).

To hold more than one affiliates meeting in a given year, a SIG must receive approval from the BOD liaisons, appropriate Chief Staff Officer, CEO, and Vice President for Finance, if funding is unnecessary. If additional funding is necessary, approval from the BOD is required.

Additional Continuing Education Opportunites

Offerings beyond the required activities of a SIG (i.e., workshops, conferences) are developed through ASHA Professional Development with approval from the Scientific Publication and Education Board (SPEB). Needs/ideas for professional development should be conveyed by the SIG Coordinating Committee to the Director of ASHA's Professional Development program during the SIG's face-to-face meeting, or by e-mail (as requested) during other times of the year.

Committee Day

New Coordinators should plan to attend the Committee and Board orientation (if attending Convention) in addition to completing the committee and board training modules.

Unless otherwise determined by the BISIGC Chair and ex officio, a BSIGC meeting will be held on Committee Day of the annual ASHA Convention. If a meeting is scheduled, all current and new Coordinators should attend.

Committee Day also offers SIG Coordinating Committees an opportunity to meet face-to-face a second time during the year and transition new and outgoing members.

Note: Per Association policy, all expenses associated with attending committee day activities are the responsibility of the individual.

Convention Program Committee

By November 1, each SIG Coordinating Committee identifies one topic strand for its primary affiliation. Ideally, the Professional Development Manager serves as the SIG's representative. However, if the SIG aligns with a topic strand outside the expertise of the PDM, the Coordinating Committee may identify a different representative. This individual will represent the SIG on the Topic Committee (TC) and is responsible for following TC and CE guidelines. In addition, the SIG representative will ensure that the SIG's Short Course and other invited session are submitted by the deadline(s).

See SIG Participation on Convention Program Committee.

Speaker Incentives

Each SIG has $2,000 and four registration waivers that can be given to their invited speakers.

TCs and SIGs may allocate these resources separately or pool them as the TCs/SIGs see fit.

Decisions regarding the distribution of Convention incentives should be discussed with the respective ex officio, the SIG Director, and the Director of Convention Special Projects.

Financial Support

Any funds remaining from the allocated $2,000 may NOT be used to purchase additional registration waivers; these funds were specifically appropriated to invited speakers. A SIG may use the discretionary $1,500 to "purchase" additional Convention registration waivers. However, this would result in less money for other discretionary uses.

ASHA members or individuals eligible to be ASHA members may NOT receive financial support of any kind (stipend, honorarium, etc.). They are eligible to receive registration waivers (see below). Students who are members of NSSLHA or are NSSLHA-eligible fall under the "member" category and, therefore, are not eligible for financial support. Students in different professions/fields (e.g., social work, psychology) are considered nonmembers, so they would be eligible for financial support.

Registration Waivers

Registration waivers are to be used ONLY for ASHA members (or individuals eligible to be ASHA members) who are invited presenters. This includes NSSLHA members or NSSLHA-eligible individuals.

If an invited presenter is NOT an ASHA member and is not eligible for ASHA membership, there is no registration cost. This complimentary registration does not come from the registration waiver allotment given to the topic committee or SIG.

Please note: Everyone must register for Convention. Invited presenters will receive a specific e-mail with instructions on how to register and what specific code to use. A current e-mail address must be provided for each presenter.


No awards can be given by the SIGs unless approved via standard operating procedures (i.e., recognized through the Committee on Honors (CoH). Instead, the SIGs should encourage affiliates to submit nominations for existing ASHA awards. Recommendations for other awards may be made through CoH and must be approved by the BOD through resolution.

Named Lectures

The purpose of a named lecture at an ASHA Convention is to present scientific information in a focused topic area of importance to ASHA members. A named lecture agreement may span several years, includes one invited session presented each year at the ASHA Convention, and is typically underwritten by a sponsoring organization, company, or group. (See Proposing a Named Lecture.)

Currently, SIGs are involved with three named lectures:

Tribute Sessions

A tribute is material evidence or a formal attestation of the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of an individual. A tribute session at an ASHA Convention is a posthumous recognition of an individual who has made significant contributions to the profession of speech-language pathology or audiology and to the work of ASHA and who has previously received ASHA's Honors or Fellow award. (See Proposing a Tribute Session.)


To capitalize on the expertise of the SIGs, ASHA will rely on the SIGs as a primary resource for identifying content experts for ASHA-sponsored conferences (i.e., Schools, Health Care/Business Institute) and other educational programming. The SIGs support the planning of ASHA-sponsored conferences and workshops relevant to their respective focus area(s), but do not provide financial support to these activities. They promote these events to their affiliates, who are eligible to attend and earn any CEUs offered. SIG financial support will not be provided to these activities. ASHA-sponsored conference registration discounts are offered to all SIG affiliates attending these events through an early, early bird registration period.


Giveaways must be approved by the CEO and purchased through the SIG Program Coordinator per the established guidelines.

See Purchasing Guidelines for SIG Giveaways.

ASHA Corporate Partners