Tips on Reading Content for CEUs

Following are tips that may help you use the electronic version of Perspectives.

  • Read through the questions before reading the articles. This could be done on an article-by-article basis, reading questions (typically no more than 5 per article) for one article and then reading the article online. If you review the questions first, you may find it isn't necessary to print out the entire article.
  • Try downloading the PDF of the full issue, and/or the CEU questions if applicable, and saving the files on your computer. The articles can then be read and/or the test taken at a later date, without accessing the site again.
  • For those readers with laptops, try downloading content to the laptop. This provides portability so that articles and questions can be viewed at other locations, again without the need to go online in order to access content.
  • If two-sided printing isn't available on your printer, try printing even-numbered pages on one side and then feeding the sheets into the printer to print odd-numbered pages on the reverse side. (This option may not work on your printer, depending on whether the feeder can process paper that has already been printed on one side.) Some printers offer the option of printing two pages on a side.
  • Consider printing one or more articles and not all content. Depending on the nature and length of the article, you may find some articles can be read comfortably online.

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