Lecture in Upper Airway Voice and Swallowing Science

Since its inception in 2005, the Lecture in Upper Airway Voice and Swallowing Science (formerly the PENTAX Medical Lecture in Upper Airway Science) has been a prestigious invited lectureship at the Annual ASHA Convention.

The highly anticipated event recognizes a scientist who has provided rich depth and breadth to our knowledge of the upper airway as it applies to the complementary fields of voice and swallowing.

Previous lectures have been characterized by the prestige of the presenters and the scholarly content of the presentations. The Lecture itself has been recognized as the premier upper airway science lecture at the Convention.

This lecture was developed in conjunction with leaders of Special Interest Group (SIG) 3, Voice and Upper Airway Disorders and SIG 13, Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders.


The nominee must demonstrate outstanding contributions to the depth and breadth of knowledge of the upper airway as it applies to voice and voice disorders and/or swallowing and swallowing disorders.

Lecture Content

The Lecture must meet all of the standards for learning activities offered for ASHA CEUs. In particular, the content must be

  • scholarly in nature,
  • presented at the graduate level or above,
  • delivered by a presenter with recognized scholarly competence in the topic.

Selection Committee

The selection of the recipient is the responsibility of ASHA, through the collaboration of the coordinating committees of SIG 3 and SIG 13.

The supporting organization, Cleveland Clinic, has no input in selecting the lecturer or planning the lecture.


The recipient receives a stipend of $2,800 made available by a generous contribution from Cleveland Clinic. The stipend is intended to cover expenses associated with travel to and stay during the Annual ASHA Convention.


Nominees are identified by the coordinating committees of SIGs 3 and 13. For more information or to suggest a nominee, contact SIG 3 Coordinator Claudio Milstein at milstec@ccf.org or SIG 13 Coordinator Megan Urban at megan.urban@duke.edu.

Nominations must be received by January 24.

Past Recipients

  • 2018 – Robert Hillman, "What Happens When Patients Leave the Clinic? Assessing & Treating Voice Disorders Using Wearable Technology"
  • 2017 – Sponsorship Transition Year; No Lecture
  • 2016 – Dr. Lorraine Ramig
  • 2015 – Dr. Dimitar Deliyski
  • 2014 – Dr. Ilona Schmalfuss
  • 2013 – Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris
  • 2012 – Dr. Ingo Titze
  • 2011 – Dr. Peter Belafsky
  • 2010 – Dr. Susan Thibeault
  • 2009 – Dr. Richard Zraick
  • 2008 – Dr. Nadine Connor
  • 2007 – Dr. Jeri Miller
  • 2006 – Dr. Jamie Koufman
  • 2005 – Dr. Christy Ludlow

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