2008 Researcher Survey

ASHA conducted the 2008 Researcher Survey in an effort to better serve the interests and needs of the communication sciences and disorders research community. The survey covered these areas: education and preparation, areas of research, evidence-based practice, research mentoring, domestic and international research collaborations, publications and online tools, reviewer experiences, support for research (financial and institutional), and ASHA's role in supporting researchers. The results of the survey are presented in the following set of reports.

Executive Summary [PDF]
This Executive Summary presents highlights from the survey results.

Respondent Demographics [PDF] 
This report presents a demographic description of the survey respondents.

Areas of Research [PDF]
This report focuses on the areas of research, by content area and type of research, being conducted by our discipline's researchers and scientists.

Research Processes [PDF]
This report focuses on research processes (i.e., how researchers go about their work and what that work entails).

Support for Research [PDF] 
This report focuses on support for research (excluding ASHA), including funding, institutional support, barriers to accomplishing a research agenda, and overcoming those barriers.

ASHA Resources [PDF] 
This report focuses on the respondents' opinions and ideas about ASHA's sponsored programs, Convention activities, professional development opportunities, research dissemination via ASHA venues and forums, and ASHA's performance in meeting the needs of the discipline's and professions' researchers.


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