Biosketch Instructions

The biosketch is modeled after the NIH sample biosketch. Instructions on how to fill out an NIH biosketch can be found on the NIH website [PDF].

Please note that Section G (Research Support) is intended for extramural research support for which you are the PI, Co-PI or a Co-Investigator. Please be sure to indicate your role on each project.

  • Any grants that provided you with financial support, but for which you served a role other than PI, Co-PI or Co-Investigator (e.g. Research Assistant, Postdoctoral Fellow on an Institutional Training Grant), should be listed within the Section B (Positions).
  • Any academic awards, scholarships or loan repayment awards you received should also be listed within Section B (Honors).

We have modified the NIH biosketch somewhat, to suit the purposes of our various programs. Modifications include:

  • The Personal Statement should be used to justify why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well suited to participate in the program to which you are applying. To that end, state how your experience and qualifications will enable you to successfully apply the knowledge gained from the program, and how you will use that knowledge to advance your career.
  • We have added the following research dissemination sections:
    • Peer-reviewed publications currently under review. List any papers that are currently under review and include the name(s) of the journal(s). Do NOT include any papers that are in preparation but not yet submitted.
    • Non peer-reviewed publications (limit to the 15 most relevant)
    • Presentations at national, peer-reviewed meetings/conferences (limit to the 15 most relevant)
  • We have added the following research support related sections:
    • Extramural Research Support Submitted
      • Research Support Currently Under Review: List any extramural grants you have submitted that are currently under review.
      • Research Support Not Awarded: List any extramural grants you have submitted that were not funded.
    • Intramural Research Support
      • List any research funds you have been awarded from your home institution (e.g. University seed money).

Please do not delete any categories for which you have no entries. Simply write "n/a".

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