2017 Clinical Practice Research Institute (CPRI) Participants

The purpose of the Institute is to accelerate the generation of research to support evidence-based practice in communication sciences and disorders. An awardee is a principle investigator on the grant prepared through CPRI, and key personnel are individuals identified by the awardee(s) to serve on that grant. CPRI consultants are experienced researchers who volunteer to assist in the preparation of the grant.

Team 1

  • Awardee: Maria Grigos, New York University
  • Key Personnel: Edythe Strand, Mayo College of Medicine
  • CPRI Consultant: Julie Wambaugh, University of Utah

Team 2

  • Awardees: Tara McAllister Byun, New York University and Jonathan Preston, Syracuse University
  • CPRI Consultants: Edwin Maas, Temple University and Jim Montgomery, Ohio University

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