ASHA Code of Ethics: Research-Related Sections

Principle of Ethics I. Individuals shall honor their responsibility to hold paramount the welfare of persons...who are participants in research and scholarly activities, and they shall treat animals involved in research in a humane manner.

  • C. Individuals shall not discriminate in the delivery of professional services or the conduct of research and scholarly activities on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, gender identity/gender expression, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • M. Individuals shall adequately maintain and appropriately secure records of..., research and scholarly activities conducted...and they shall allow access to these records only when authorized or when required by law.
  • N. Individuals shall not reveal, without authorization, any professional or personal information about...identified participants involved in research and scholarly activities unless doing so is necessary to protect the welfare of the person or of the community or is otherwise required by law.
  • O. Individuals shall not...misrepresent...research and scholarly activities conducted.
  • P. Individuals shall enroll and include persons as participants in research or teaching demonstrations only if their participation is voluntary, without coercion, and with their informed consent.

Principle of Ethics II. Individuals shall honor their responsibility to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence and performance.

  • D. Individuals shall not require or permit their professional staff to… conduct research activities that exceed the staff member's competence, level of education, training, and experience.
  • E. Individuals shall ensure that all equipment conduct research and scholarly activities is in proper working order and is properly calibrated.

Principle of Ethics III. Individuals shall honor their responsibility to the public…by providing accurate information in all communications involving any aspect of the professions, including the dissemination of research findings and scholarly activities,....

  • A. Individuals shall not misrepresent their …scholarly or research contributions.
  • B. Individuals shall not participate in professional activities that constitute a conflict of interest.
  • D. Individuals shall not misrepresent research,....
  • E. Individuals shall not defraud or engage in any scheme to defraud in connection with…grants for services rendered, research conducted,....
  • F. Individuals' statements to the public shall provide accurate information...about research and scholarly activities.
  • G. Individuals' statements to the public when…reporting research results...shall adhere to professional standards and shall not contain misrepresentations.

Principle of Ethics IV. Individuals shall honor their responsibilities to the professions and their relationships with colleagues, students, and members of other professions and disciplines.

  • F. Individuals shall not engage in sexual activities with…research participants over whom they exercise professional authority or power.
  • G. Individuals shall assign credit only to those who have contributed to a publication, presentation, or product. Credit shall be assigned in proportion to the contribution and only with the contributor's consent.
  • H. Individuals shall reference the source when using other persons' ideas, research, presentations, or products in written, oral, or any other media presentation or summary.

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