PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants 2009

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders, and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. PROGENY pairs faculty researchers with undergraduate students who are first authors on poster presentations at the annual ASHA Convention. PROGENY highlights and supports the work of these undergraduates by providing them with an opportunity to talk with experienced researchers about their research, and about pursuing an academic-research career.

  • Lesley Alexander, Northern Illinois University
  • Jenny Atkins, University of Northern Colorado
  • Evelyn Atkinson, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
  • Michelle Cardona, University of Central Florida
  • Cassandra Foust, University of Nevada
  • Gabrielle Gardner, Marshall University
  • Danielle Geno, University of Vermont
  • Carolyn Hornberger, East Tennessee State University
  • Kelsey Hubert, Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville
  • Brianna Robertson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Kuruvilla Mathew, Dr. M.V. Shetty College of Speech & Hearing
  • Chelsea McNee, Florida State University
  • Molly Millard, East Tennessee State University
  • Mark Mizuko, University of Minnesota–Duluth
  • Jessica Obermeyer, Florida State University
  • Melissa Timson, University of Central Florida
  • Paula Vergunst, Western Michigan University
  • Theresa Walker, Hampton University
  • Jessica Wandrie, Minnesota State University
  • Caitlin J. Younger, Indiana University

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