We know that you are working hard to stay safe and healthy, take care of your families, meet the needs of the individuals you serve, and find creative ways to connect from a distance. ASHA members’ and volunteers’ safety is our top priority, and we’re here to help you during this uncertain time. Check for the latest updates and resources, including on telepractice.

Please contact the Action Center (800-498-2071 or with any questions.

2019 ASHA Expenditures Per Dollar 

Have you ever wondered what you get for your dues? The pie chart below is a breakdown of how ASHA uses dues revenue to better serve you, our members.

Proposed Budget Expenditures Per Dollar - 2019

There are many departments and programs represented by the categories in the chart. Below is a list of examples from each category.

  • Governance and General Administration
  • Building Services
  • ASHFoundation
  • Governance
  • Postal Operations
  • Communications
  • The ASHA Leader
  • ASHA Website
  • Retention and Recruitment
  • Special Reports and Brochures
  • Student Retention and Recruitment
  • Professional Practices and Education
  • Assistants
  • Audiology
  • Continuing Education
  • Convention
  • Educational Programs
  • International
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Public Information and Government Relations
  • Action Center
  • Government Relations and Public Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Science and Research and Academic Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Research
  • Specialty Certification
  • Scholarly Publications
  • AJA
  • Standards and Ethics
  • Clinical Certification
  • Council on Academic Accreditation
  • Ethics

ASHA Corporate Partners