CICSD Journal – Volume 39, Spring 2012

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Bachelor's-Level Speech-Language Pathology Assistants in California: A Clinical Practicum Course
Jennifer A. Ostergren, California State University, Long Beach

Arab and American Teachers' Attitudes Toward People Who Stutter: A Comparative Study
Farzan Irani, Texas State University, San Marcos
Fauzia Abdalla, Kuwait University
Rodney Gabel, University of Toledo

Velocardiofacial Syndrome and Early Intervention
Leah I. Fullman and Valerie E. Boyer, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

A Family-Centered Approach for Training Parents to Use Comic Strip Conversations With Their Child With Autism
Lauren Vivian, Tiffany L. Hutchins, and Patricia A. Prelock, University of Vermont, Burlington

The Effects of Animated Feedback on Locating Verbs in a Dynamic Contextual Scene Display on an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device
Jacquelyn Kearns, The Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation, Cleveland, Ohio
John McCarthy, Ohio University, Athens