Past CICSD Editor's Award Recipients 1983–2016

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Year Authors Name of Article Journal
2016 Sarah M. Ginsberg, Jennifer C. Friberg, and Colleen F. Visconti "Diagnostic Reasoning by Experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Student Clinicians" Spring CICSD
2015 Courtney T. Byrd, Jennifer Watson, Lisa M. Bedore, and Anna Mullis "Identification of Stuttering in Bilingual Spanish-English-Speaking Children" Spring CICSD
2014 Jenna L. Foran, Tiffany L. Hutchins, Patricia A. Prelock, Dianna Murray-Close from the University of Vermont "Examining the Benefit of Including a Sibling in Story-Based Interventions with a Child with Asperger Syndrome" Fall CICSD
2013 Laura R. Chapman, Fatimah H. Hassan, Jennifer Horner, Elizabeth Oommen, Taeok Park, Maria Modayil "Responsible Conduct of Research: For Students, By Students" Spring CICSD
2012 Jennifer A. Ostergren and Sara M. Aguilar "Bachelor's-Level Speech-Language Pathology Assistants in California: A Clinical Practicum Course" in Spring CICSD, and "A Survey of Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs) in California: Current Trends in Demographics, Employment, Supervision, and Training" in Fall CICSD Spring and Fall CICSD
2011 Shannon Hall-Mills and Kenn Apel "Differential Effects of Letter-Name Spelling and Text Representation on Early Reading Ability" Fall CICSD
2010 Ben Rutter, Marie Klopfenstein, Martin Ball, Nicole Müller "My Client Is Using Non-English Sounds! A Tutorial in Advanced Phonetic Transcription, Part III: Prosody and Unattested Sounds" Fall CICSD
2009 Kenneth O. St. Louis, Bobbie Boyd Lubker, J. Scott Yaruss, Elizabeth Fisher Aliveto "Development of a Prototype Questionnaire to Survey Public Attitudes Toward Stuttering: Reliability of the Second Prototype" Fall CICSD
2008 Wilhelmina Wright-Harp, Patricia Cole "A Mentoring Model for Enhancing Success in Graduate Education" Spring CICSD
2007 Adrienne Hancock, Leonard LaPointe, Julie Stierwalt, Michelle Bourgeois, Rolf Zwaan "Computerized Measures of Verbal Working Memory Performance in Healthy Elderly Participants" Fall CICSD
2006 Herbert M. Turner, III, Robert M. Bernard "Calculating and Synthesizing Effect Sizes" Spring CICSD
2005 Cari B. Flint, Janis Costello Ingham "Pretreatment Stimulability and Percentage of Consonants Correct as Predictors of Across-Phoneme Generalization" Spring CICSD
2004 Charles L. Madison, Barbara Guy, Melissa Koch "Pursuit of the Speech-Language Pathology Doctorate: Who, Why, Why Not" Fall CICSD
2003 Benoit Jutras, Debra J. Ostroff, Sophie Roy, Jean-Pierre Gagne "Auditory Sequential Organization Ability Among Children and Adults With Normal Hearing" Fall CICSD
2002 Gordon W. Blood, Emily A. Thomas, Jenna Swavely Ridenour, Constance Dean Qualls, Carol Schefner Hammer "Job Stress in Speech Language Pathologists Working in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Schools: Social Support and Frequency of Interactions" Fall CICSD
2001 Michael J. Moran, James L. Fitch "Phonological Awareness Skills of University Students: Implications for Teaching Phonetics" Fall CICSD
2000 Tommie L. Robinson, Jr., Johnetta G. Davis, Thomas Crowe "Disfluency in Nonstuttering African American Preschoolers during Conversation and Narrative Discourse" Fall CICSD
1999 Lynn S. Bliss, Zenara Covington, Allyssa McCabe "Assessing the Narratives of African American Children" Fall CICSD
1998 Harriet B. Klein, Elaine K. Altman, Jennifer Tate "Relationship Between Perceptual and Acoustic Judgements of Children's Flap Productions" Fall CICSD
1997 J. Scott Yaruss "Clinical Measurement of Stuttering Behaviors" Fall CICSD
1996 Christine Kieschnick, Thomas Powell "Treatment of Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Brief Overview for Clinicians" NSSLHA Journal
1995 Anne Wiltshire "Not By Pitch Alone: A View of Transsexual Vocal Rehabilitation" NSSLHA Journal
1994 Gretchen Johnson "Treatment With Stimulant Medication as an Ethical Choice for Children Diagnosed With Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" NSSLHA Journal
1993 Sean M. Redmond "The Critical Period Hypothesis for Language Acquisition and Its Implications for the Management of Communication Disorders" NSSLHA Journal
1992 Georgianna Kwan, Lee Terrio, Stephen Oshrin "Fundamentals of Signal Detection" NSSLHA Journal
1991 James W. Martin, Jr., Lida G. Wall "The Effect of Hearing Loss on the Latency of the P300 Evoked Potential: A Pilot Study" NSSLHA Journal
1990 Pamela A. Crosley, Susann Dowling "The Relationship Between Syllable Reduction, Final Consonant Deletion, and Sentence Length in Children with Down Syndrome" NSSLHA Journal
1988 Melinda K. Rhea, Lee M. Terrio, Stephen E. Oshrin "Scaling Concepts Underlying the Decibal" NSSLHA Journal
1987 M. LeAnn Blocker, Marcia Weber-Olsen "Syllable Structure and Fricative Simplification Patterns in Hearing-Impaired Children" NSSLHA Journal
1986 Kristina M. English "The Future Need for Rehabilitative Services for Cochlear Implant Patients" NSSLHA Journal
1985 Christy J. Rew, David L. Irwin "The Assessment of Morphological Production Utilizing Two Language Sampling Procedures" NSSLHA Journal
1984 Elena M. Plante "Nonlinguistic Influences on the Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language" NSSLHA Journal
1983 Kay Lynn Copriviza, Cynthia Gayle Lima "Auditory Arousal in Preterm Infants" NSSLHA Journal
1982 Amy L. Goldberg "Spectrographic analysis of the effect of vocalic context on the duration of /s/ production in normal speaking children" NSSLHA Journal