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ICD-10-CM Preparation Checklist

This checklist contains basic steps audiologists and speech-language pathologists can take to prepare for the transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM. This should not be considered an exhaustive list.

  • Identify your current processes and systems that use ICD-9-CM codes. Wherever ICD-9-CM codes are now used, ICD-10 will take their place. For example:
    • Clinical documentation
    • Superbills
    • Billing software
    • Electronic health record system
    • Quality reporting systems
  • Contact the clearinghouses, billing services, practice management system vendors, and others with whom you conduct business. Ask them about their plans for both Version 5010 and ICD-10 updates, when they expect to have them in place, and when you can begin testing the updated systems.
  • Discuss with your payers regarding how the change to ICD-10 may affect your contracts. Since ICD-10 codes are much more specific, payers may consider modifying contracts or fee schedules.
  • Analyze the potential changes to your work flow and business processes.
  • Develop an implementation strategy. This should include a timeline and budget.
  • Consider staff training needs and identify educational resources. Engage clinicians and coders early so that they can begin to familiarize themselves with the new concepts and systems. However, detailed training should start approximately 6-8 months prior to implementation. Starting any earlier will make it difficult to remember what has been learned.
  • Test transactions using updated systems with your payers and others with whom you conduct business. Check with them to see when they will begin testing and when test days have been scheduled.
  • Be proactive and educate yourself!

See also: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ICD-10 Implementation Timelines & Checklists

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