Sexual Orientation


Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists (L'GASP) provides a forum in which to meet other gay, lesbian, and bisexual professionals and discuss issues that concern their professional lives. Through meetings, newsletters, and networking, members voice the concerns and frustrations met in facing the professional oppression that homophobia engenders. Members also celebrate the strides our communities have made in combating homophobia, and strategize about what more can be done.

The Hidden Self

by Dr. Joe Melcher of Xavier University of Louisiana

Look! Look at Us!
No, I mean take a good close look at us.
Is there not one among us who looks like you?
Is there not one among us who has skin like you?
Hair like you? Eyes like you?
Do we not do the same work as you?
Do we not wear the same clothes as you?
Do we not eat the same food as you?
We have fathers and mothers just like you.
We have brothers and sisters just like you.
Yes, we even have sons and daughters just like you.
If you strike us, do we not feel the pain?
If you cut us, our blood leaves the same red stain.
On the outside there is little difference between you and we.
The difference is on the inside where you cannot see.
The difference is I love a man just like me.
And my sister loves a woman just like she.
Yes, We are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered; and Proud To Be.
How can you tell the difference between you and me?
Looking at the outside it's an impossibility.
When will I unlock the secret hidden inside of me?
The answer is as simple as the turn of a key.
When you accept me for who I AM, and not who you want me to be.

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