Early Career Professional Online Community Volunteer Moderators

Type of Opportunity: Virtual 

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 8/15/2019

Interest Area: Leadership, professional practice issues and current events, social-networking, professional development 
Contact Person (Email): Andrea Falzarano - afalzarano@asha.org

Time Commitment: 9-12 months 

Travel: Travel is not required

Description of Opportunity: The Committee on Leadership Cultivation is preparing a leadership opportunity for early career professionals. Early Career Professional Online Community Volunteer Moderators increase awareness of the online community for ECPs within ASHA. The bottom line focuses on using the online community as one approach to increase awareness about opportunities within ASHA. ECPs are future leaders of ASHA and we believe that small efforts such as these will help cultivate leaders overtime. We want our ECPs to be aware of volunteer and leadership opportunities in ASHA. Also, want to ensure that vital information gets disseminated to ECPs so that they remain informed and inspired.

Early Career Professional Online Community Volunteer Moderators are responsible for leading discussions in the community by starting discussion threads related to interesting topics of the writer’s choice and monitoring responses from peers.  A posting schedule may require discussion leaders to lead a discussion a minimum of two times in a year while monitoring and responding to posts from others will be an ongoing expectation. All discussion leaders sign up for an available time slot that is convenient for them.

Topics and discussions are informal and intended to be engaging for peers. All ASHA ECP members may access the ECP online community. However, volunteer moderators will ultimately oversee the activity on the community and lead discussions to keep the community thriving.

Experience required: None 

Task Deadline: 8/15/2019 

Level of Effort: Moderate 

Number of Volunteers Needed: 10 - 20 

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