BHSM Ideas for Chapters—Get Involved!

Grab your friends and raise awareness about communication disorders on your campus and in your community during Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM)! Need ideas on how you and your local NSSLHA chapter can get involved? We've got you covered!

Quick and Easy

  • Share Your Pride—Post photos on social media with your own #aud2b [PDF] or #slp2b [PDF] sign! Tag National NSSLHA by adding #BHSM17 and #nsslhaBHSM17 in your posts.
  • ASHA’s SocialToaster—Join ASHA professionals in the Speaking Up for Communication social campaign.
  • Sing-A-Long—Pick your favorite song, change the lyrics to promote communication disorders, and record you and your bandmates rocking out—then share on social media!
  • Info Cards/Brochures—Hand out wallet-sized cards or brochures in your student union about the warning signs of speech, language, and hearing disorders.

Gather Your Friends

  • Info Booths—Set up a booth in your dining hall to show students what living with a swallowing disorder can look—and taste—like. Pick some favorite dining hall foods (pureed or thickened) and let students taste-test modified diet samples.
  • Bake Sales—Donate proceeds to NSSLHA Loves (this year’s recipient is CommunicAID+Nation).
  • Book Drives—Collect children’s books and donate them to local elementary schools, hospitals, or shelters.
  • Hearing Screenings—Provide hearing screenings and free earplugs to students, faculty, and staff on campus.
  • Media Promotions—Partner with your school's newspaper, magazine, radio, and/or TV stations to feature BHSM in their May issues and broadcasts.

Go Big

  • Coin Wars—Partner with other local chapters in your state and compete to collect money for NSSLHA Loves.
  • Event Sponsorships—Hand out hearing protection and present about BHSM before school events (e.g., sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, etc.).
  • Host Special Events—Partner with other organizations (e.g., Hospice, Best Buddies, etc.) to host a charity ball.
  • University-Wide Promotion—Meet with your university's president and student government council to brainstorm ideas on how you can promote good hearing and speech practices in your community.

Share your events with us through social media using #BHSM17 and #nsslhaBHSM17 for a chance to be featured on National NSSLHA’s Instagram!

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