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Register for NOMS Data Collection

In order to participate in NOMS data collection, you must first gain the support of your staff and administration. While NOMS is a voluntary data collection tool provided at no cost to certified speech-language pathologists, participation in NOMS is at the facility/school or system level. To register for NOMS, your organization must meet and maintain basic eligibility requirements and enter into a community subscription agreement for the data exchange. Organizations that wish to integrate NOMS into their internal documentation system and transmit data electronically to ASHA must also execute a database license agreement.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations may choose to participate in the Adult and/or Pre-Kindergarten component of NOMS in one of two ways:

  1. At the single facility/school level

    Eligibility criteria: 100% of speech-language pathologists must be members of ASHA and 100% must be ASHA certified.
  1. At the health care/school system level

    Eligibility criteria: At least 75% of staff must be members of ASHA; 100% must be ASHA certified.


  • Clinicians currently in their clinical fellowship year are eligible for NOMS on a time limited basis. Upon completion of the CF year, clinicians must become ASHA certified in order for their participating organization to maintain eligibility.
  • If you do not meet the eligibility requirements as an organization and you are interested in submitting data as an individual, contact Tobi Frymark at or Tracy Schooling at


In order to participate in NOMS, your organization must complete the NOMS Registration Form [PDF] and sign the Community Subscription Agreement which outlines the terms of use for NOMS and the commitment of data collection and the Database License Agreement, if applicable, which outlines the terms for electronic data transmission.

Additionally, organizations must identify a "NOMS subscriber" who agrees to serve as a liaison between your organization and ASHA. The subscriber must be a certified member of ASHA and is responsible for coordinating the implementation of NOMS for their organization (e.g., ensuring staff training and timely initiation and maintenance of data collection, informing ASHA of program or staffing changes through a personalized Subscriber Dashboard).

The Registration Form and signed Agreement(s) should be scanned and sent electronically to NOMS Data Registry Associate, Cynthia Brennan, at

Once your application has been processed, we will grant each clinician access to the web-based training for the selected NOMS component(s). All clinicians who will be collecting NOMS data must become Registered NOMS Users by completing the online self-study training program and individually taking the User Registration Test. Speech-language pathologists who successfully complete the NOMS training will be granted immediate access to the secured online tool to initiate data collection. All information in the self-study will pertain to NOMS; no information will be provided about similar products or services.

University Clinics

At this time, data from university graduate programs are not included in ASHA’s national registry. However, university programs can incorporate NOMS data collection and ASHA’s Functional Communication Measures into their curriculum for the purpose of understanding NOMS and the importance of outcomes data. View the University Clinic Registration Form [PDF].

We appreciate your support in helping to build this national outcomes database and look forward to working with you in the years to come. For more information about the Adult NOMS component, please contact Tobi Frymark at 301-296-8736 or For the Pre-Kindergarten component, contact Tracy Schooling at 301-296-8741 or

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