Frequently Asked Questions About How Medicare's Claims-based Reporting Relates to NOMS

How is NOMS related to the outcome measurement requirements using G-codes?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement that all SLPs treating Med B patients submit outcomes data with the claim for the service is not the same as participating in NOMS data collection. CMS adopted a series of outcome measures known as "G-codes" with accompanying severity/complexity modifiers for claims-based reporting. The CMS measures are based on the NOMS scales—ASHA's Functional Communication Measures (FCMs)—a series of seven-point rating scales ranging from a least functional (Level 1) to a most functional (Level 7). As such, NOMS and its FCMs can easily be used to report and track outcomes of Medicare patients.

Does CMS require participation in NOMS to report G-codes?

No. CMS does not specifically require NOMS participation and ASHA does not submit NOMS data to CMS for the claims-based outcome reporting requirement. However, because CMS used NOMS as a standard in the development of the G-codes and severity modifiers, NOMS is a natural resource for SLPs to track outcomes of their patients and assist SLPs with code and modifier selection and documentation. The NOMS Web-based data collection instrument has a built in G-code converter that automatically generates the appropriate G-code and severity modifier based on the FCM score.

How will participation in NOMS data collection help me?

ASHA has a strong interest in accruing national-level data for benchmarking and trend analysis across the healthcare continuum to help stakeholders like CMS make data driven decisions about prognosis and expected functional outcome of treatment for patients with a particular disorder or diagnosis. By participating in NOMS data collection, you are contributing data to support your practice, your organization, and the profession.

In exchange for submitting data to ASHA, your facility will have access to data reports profiling your organization against national data, and if applicable, system data. Facilities may also run customized analyses of their data, as well as national data, using our Web-based reporting system.

Can I use the NOMS scales (ASHA's Functional Communication Measures) or complete the training without participating in data collection?

No. The NOMS Adult data collection tool, its Functional Communication Measures (FCMs) and the training, are for data collection sites only. The FCMs are copyrighted for exclusive use in NOMS data collection. In exchange for participation in NOMS and submission of data, sites have access to comparative data reports for benchmarking purposes. The training provides an overview of data collection and reporting procedures to ensure the integrity of the data submitted to ASHA by participating organizations.

Where can I find more information?

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