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Every day, millions of Americans contend with one type of communication challenge or another. Chances are you either have dealt with one yourself or know someone who has. If so, you know the frustration, suffering, and expense that can burden individuals, families, and society alike.

Help NAHSA carry out its unique role of guarding the public’s communication health.

Teddy Bear

"Thanks for the informative chat! I'm going to share some of this info with my sister, who is expecting."

A tweet from a participant in a 2015 Better Hearing and Speech Month Twitter party about kids and technology use.

"I am learning a lot here today. Having a child with a speech problem is a challenge."

A tweet from Twitter Q & A sessions with a combined audience reach of nearly three million where experts answered questions from the public.

"The safe listening message of the Buds campaign is an extremely important one for our students to have heard. Many of our students have not only received it, but also retained it."

Letter from the principal of a Virginia elementary school that hosted a Listen To Your Buds Safe Listening Concert.

As the population ages, more and more people are expected to face communication challenges.

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