New Member Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Basics

Getting Your Benefits

How do I get my NSSLHA account number?

When you apply for national membership using the online membership application your account number will be generated automatically and will appear on the pages of the online application.

How do I access my online account?

You can register your account by going to our online form and enter your NSSLHA account number and last name to begin the registration process. Once completed you will be able to log into the website.

What do I do if I need to change my name or address?

It is very important that you update your mailing address with the National Office in the event that you move or if your name changes as a result of marriage.

Once we update your address or name we will automatically issue you a new NSSLHA membership card at no charge. Your information also updates in the ASHA database.

It will take at least 2 weeks for the new name and address to catch up with your subscriptions. Please be mindful that depending on when you update your information with the National Office, you may continue to receive mail at your previous address or under your previous name.

If I joined NSSLHA in September when is it time to renew my membership?

A student who joins NSSLHA between September 1 and December 31 will have membership for the remainder of the year and the following year. Their membership benefits are effective until December 31 of the following year. Visit the Membership Renewal page for more information about your membership.

What is NSSLHA's refund policy?

Requests for refunds of the NSSLHA Full Membership can only be provided within 30 days of purchase.

I heard about an Introductory NSSLHA Membership. How do I get it?

The Introductory Membership was a pilot program. The program did not achieve its objectives and has been discontinued.

This membership did not count toward the NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion discount.

How do I access the online journals?

Print issues of NSSLHA and ASHA journals are no longer available. To access ASHA journals online you must register for member-only access on the ASHA website. In order to register you must have your NSSLHA account number and last name to begin the registration process. However, if you joined NSSLHA through the online membership application you will be automatically registered for member-only access to journals and other materials. 

National members receive two print subscriptions in the mail, The ASHA Leader and NSSLHA Now!

When will I receive the print subscription to The ASHA Leader?

The print subscriptions to The ASHA Leader and NSSLHA Now! will begin with the first issue that is available after you join.

If you're not getting your subscriptions in the mail it's usually because of two reasons—we have a hold on your account because of an incorrect address or your journal subscription just hasn't mailed yet. Contact the Action Center at 800-498-2071 to inquire and/or to update your mailing address.

How do I register for the Special Interest Group resources?

If you applied for membership in a Special Interest Group (SIG) at the time that you applied for national membership you are automatically registered for the SIG resources (newsletters, discounts for short courses, and networking events). If you wish to register for a Special Interest Group at a later date, please contact the Action Center at 800-498-2071.