ASHA's Associate Affiliation Category

Associates Program Overview

Are you currently working in a support role to a speech-language pathologist or audiologist? Are you eligible to be employed as an assistant in your state? If so, ASHA wants you to know about an offer that can help you to become the best assistant you can be in the field of communication sciences and disorders!

What is the offer?
ASHA has created a place in our organization designed especially for qualified SLP and audiology support personnel. It's called the Associates Program and officially launched in September 2011.

How does this new Associate category work?

  • In July 2011, ASHA extended a special pre-launch offer to assistants in SLP and audiology who were interested in participating in a "try it before you buy it" Associates Program free trial, which lasted until September 2011.
  • Now ASHA has begun processing applications for interested individuals who meet the qualifications to join ASHA as an Associate. The Associates Program Application [PDF] can be downloaded, filled out via the "fillable" blanks in the PDF, printed out to obtain the appropriate signatures, and then mailed with the payment to the address listed on the application.

Associates Program Requirements

Here are the requirements you must meet to become an ASHA Associate.

The Associates Program is open to individuals who are:

  • Currently employed in support positions providing audiology or speech-language pathology assistant services, working under the supervision of an ASHA certified audiologist (CCC-A) or speech-language pathologist (CCC-SLP). Potential applicants are required to obtain the signature of their ASHA certified supervisors in order to become ASHA Associates.


  • If applicants are not employed as audiology assistants or speech-language pathology assistants at the time they apply for the Associates Program, they need to obtain the signature of their program director (or training program instructor) certifying that they are qualified to provide services under the direction of an ASHA certified audiologist or speech-language pathologist.

In addition to obtaining the appropriate signature(s), potential Associates also have to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants have to agree to follow all ASHA policies related to the responsibilities of support personnel.
  • Applicants have to agree to work only under the supervision of ASHA certified SLPs or audiologists.
  • Applicants have to pay annual fees to maintain their affiliation.
  • Applicants have to be qualified to practice in their state and follow the state licensure rules (if any) that are applicable to them.

Associates Program Benefits

What do you get as an ASHA Associate?
Some of the outstanding benefits for Associates include the following:

  • Networking opportunities with other Associates both in online discussion forums and at the Schools Conference and the Annual Convention
  • Affinity benefits such as insurance of all types, credit card offers, car rental, etc.
  • Consultation provided by ASHA's professional practices staff
  • Listing and search capabilities on ASHA's online Member and Affiliate Directory
  • Opportunity to participate in advocacy efforts
  • Opportunity to participate in mentoring programs
  • Reduced registration fees for educational programs and products
  • Online Career Center
  • Subscription to The ASHA Leader and access to The ASHA Leader Online (ALO)
  • Access to four online scholarly journals
  • Subscription to Associates e-newsletter
  • Associates e-Group (listserv/forum/social network)
  • Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for Associates

Comments and questions regarding the Associates Program may be e-mailed to

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