Humans of ASHA: Tiffany Turner

After seeing how misunderstood and underutilized adult speech pathology services were in my area, I opened a swallowing and neurological rehabilitation clinic to offer specialty adult SLP services to northeastern Oklahoma. Through my clinic, I've been able to initiate several free local support groups. Early this year, I also joined forces with the local Muscular Dystrophy Association chapter to serve patients with ALS and other progressive neuro-motor diseases.

I learned during my clinical fellowship year that with limited facility budgets, many rural SLPs are left with very few therapy materials. In 2014, I began authoring and publishing e-books that have been downloaded by over 2,000 clinicians worldwide. My goal is to support young medical SLPs and make affordable printable treatment materials available to everyone.

I would encourage other young SLPs to specialize and follow your passions. Don't be afraid to have big dreams and set out to fill gaps that you see in your community.

Tiffany Turner

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