Humans of ASHA: Stephanie Dunn

People know their bodies the best. I often love the patient who has struggled with his or her therapy but eventually succeeds. A very gentle, soft spoken lady with whom I worked had one goal, "I want to drink a Coke." She had been told by many professionals that it wasn't possible at all, but instead of accepting a no, she made her own way to get what she wanted. She had survived her first occurrence of head and neck cancer and chemo radiation 3 years prior and had been using solely a PEG. Now she was facing a recurrence and was on hospice care. She decided on a video study which showed deconditioning and a CP bar but she was informed she was not a candidate for dilatation due to the radiation. In an unusual way, she ended up in manometry which was long and very difficult, but afterward, she grabbed me in the hall and said, "I feel I can do it now. Can you get me a Coke?" And she was right. With many tears and laughter, this very strong lady finally enjoyed her Coke.

Stephanie Dunn

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