Humans of ASHA: Shari Robertson

There I was in my new professional suit proudly standing in front of my very first research poster in a cavernous convention hall. How accomplished I had felt carrying my faux-leather poster case, perhaps strutting just a bit, through the convention center in New Orleans. No longer just an attendee, I was an author/presenter at the annual ASHA Convention. I could barely breathe.

It was there that the ASHA magic began to happen, whispering to me in the midst of the noise and the crowd, "This is what you are looking for. This is where you can make a difference. This is how you can serve and grow."

Little more than a decade later, I was co-chairing the ASHA Convention-an experience that still ranks as one of the joyful peaks of my career. But, the ASHA magic wasn't done. As my daughter, then a college sophomore, walked through the poster hall, she decided that she, too, wanted to be more than just an attendee. The following year, she proudly stood in front of her very first research poster in a new suit in a crowded, cavernous convention hall.

ASHA magic is contagious and it inspires us to use our talents to serve, and grow, and lead. Dr. Robertson, PhD (me) and Dr. Robertson, AuD (my daughter) found it in a poster hall, but it is everywhere. You just have to let it in.

Shari Robertson

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