Humans of ASHA: Nia Potier

I was born to lead. It just took a moment for me to realize it and find the courage to do so. Growing up I was quiet and afraid to voice my opinions because I was often concerned with what others thought of me. My inner being has always desired to become a leader, but I never quite had the courage to step up and prove that I had what it took to lead. During the first year of my AuD program, I was selected to be a part of the Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP). During this experience I was challenged beyond what I knew that I was capable of—presenting my opinion about online hearing aid sales to a large group of people. My palms were sweaty and my heartbeat was twice its normal pace. I stood at the podium, made eye contact with the crowd, and faced my fear of public speaking. After my speech, I immediately burst into tears. I felt relieved. I felt empowered. I felt that if I could overcome this hurdle, I could do absolutely anything. Now, I welcome challenges and leadership opportunities with open arms. Someone once told me that it is in times that you feel extremely uncomfortable that you grow the most.

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